Pet Sitter 101 With August Animal Care

Pet Sitter 101 With August Animal Care

Pet sitting is a great choice for some pets while their owners are out of town but how do you choose one?  There is nothing more exciting than taking a vacation but for many people one of the big hurdles in enjoying that vacation is deciding what to do with their pets while they are away.   Pet sitters are one of several options available and some are more appropriate for some pets than others.    For most pet moms and dads three are three different options:  take your pet with you (lucky!), board your pet a commercial boarding facility or hire a pet sitter.

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Pet sitters offers a number of benefits for your pet as well as your home while you are away.

*Security-Many security companies recommend hiring a pet sitter while you are away.    Pet sitters can stay in your home overnight, or just stop by and visit during the day.  The day to day tasks of getting the mail, picking up the paper, turning lights off and on and being a presence is a great deterrent for criminals and thieves.   Criminals frequently case houses that have papers piled up and lights off with no indication of a homeowner around.   A normal routine automatically deters a potential criminal from choosing your home to break into.

*Comfort for your pet– Many pets don’t thrive in a traditional boarding facility.  Those with mobility issues may not transition well to a slippery kennel floor.   A pet sitter will be well versed in getting an older or mobility challenged dog up and moving around.   Another challenge to traditional boarding can be health issues.  Diabetic cats in particular do much better in their home environment.   An experienced pet sitter can monitor food intake and administer insulin at very specific times under very controlled conditions.

*The anti-social pet-Some dogs just don’t like to be around other dogs.    The stress and anxiety can show in many ways including not eating, pacing, chewing, barking and attempts to escape.    For these types of dogs, a home environment is much more relaxing and they have the added benefit of being in a familiar space with all the comforts of home!

*Pet parent reassurance– A qualified pet sitter can assure a pet owner that their home and pet are well cared for, safe and in great hands while they are away, allowing for relaxation during a much needed vacation!   Or for those that travel for business, they can then focus on work without having the added distraction of worrying about Fluffy or Spot while away for work.  August Animal Care  has put together a great check list for you, leading you through the maze of why and how to choose a qualified professional to care for your pet and home!

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Things to look for when choosing a pet sitter:

*Licensed-Do they have the correct business license to operate a pet sitting business?

*Insurance-Are they adequately insured in case of an emergency or accident?  This is a good reason to not hire the teenager down the street, look for a qualified professional!

*Free Interview And Meet & Greet-Do they offer a free interview so that you can make sure everyone is a good match?  This is essential in making sure they can provide the services that you and your pets need for a successful experience.

*Training in First Aid/CPR-Look for someone who has training or experience in veterinary or animal care.  Are they certified to perform first aid or CPR on your pet?

*Reliability-Do they have references?  Ask for them!  Most people love to recommend someone they have come to trust and depend upon.

These are just some suggestions as to why a pet/house sitter is a better choice for many pet owners.   The peace of mind of knowing that your home and pets are being cared for while you are away is priceless!


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