Kendra Lynch

About Kendra

kendra lynch

Kendra hails all the way from the Sunshine State where she grew up with cats, dogs, reptiles, equine and livestock. Kendra moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and went to school to be a Phlebotomist and excelled in that career until she decided to go back to school, this time to be a vet assistant. With over 8 years of veterinary assisting under her belt Kendra feels that caring for animals in their own homes and keeping them safe and happy while their “parents” are away is really what she loves to do.  When she is not caring for a pet you can find her doing volunteer work as a board member at a New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary and she also keeps up with her veterinary medical skills by completing online continuing education classes, and volunteering her time at Tender Touch Small Animal Hospital located in Redmond Washington.
Kendra shares her home with 2 cats and 3 dachshunds. Specializing in senior cats and dachshunds, she is no stranger to renal and thyroid issues common in cats and  mobility or back issues that are common with the Daschund breed. Her ability to read cat language is very strong and she has been given the unofficial title “Cat whisperer”.  Despite her obvious previous life as a cat she is also skilled in reading dog body language as well. This is extremely important for clients that wish to have their dogs walked in areas where other dogs may roam.  When not surrounding herself with animals, Kendra can be found gardening with her husband or dressing fancy for some sort of theater function, hiking, floating a river or snowboarding. Her recent new found love is participating in “mud runs” so she TOTALLY understands why dogs love a good roll in the mud!  Let’s be honest here, it’s pretty darn fun.
Kendra is certified for Animal CPR and Pet First Aid through American Safety and Health Institute.


Kendra’s referrals

In February of this year we thought we found the solution at a new dog
daycare and kennel.  They knew Zoe and Bear from obedience classes and were
really great with the dogs.  We boarded them for a week in February when we
went to Whistler and figured we’d found the perfect fit.  We boarded them
again in April when we went to Mexico, however, our house was broken into,
my car was stolen and our trip was cut short to come back and deal with the
robbery mess.  AND…..Zoe got “voted off the island” at the new dog kennel.
They couldn’t keep her contained, she kept escaping despite their best
efforts, so we were told Zoe couldn’t come back, but we could board Bear

We tried another dog sitter who didn’t speak “princess” and we were
resigned to the fact we’d have to board Zoe at our vet and Bear at the other
facility, and knew both would be very unhappy with being separated.  Then,
by sheer luck, I find your website, and we hook up with August Animal Care
and then we meet Kendra, “dog sitter extraordinaire”!!!  She was great with
both Zoe and Bear and we look forward to many more dog sitting adventures!

Thank you Kendra for taking such amazing care for our dogs and for our peace of mind!

–Best regards

–Sandy, Dan, Zoe & Bear!!!



It is of paramount importance, to those of us who care about animals, to insure that they are well cared for our absence. It is a comfort to be able leave and not have to worry about their care. Kendra has been doing and outstanding job taking care of my mare.
Every time I return from a trip I have found the animals content and their areas clean. I greatly appreciate having a quality person like Kendra available.



It is my pleasure to recommend Kendra’s excellent dog sitting skills! “Dog sitting” does not do Kendra’s talent justice- she doesn’t just sit with our pups (a 8 year old rescued Greyhound named Pete and a 3 year old Alaskan Malamute named Stig- both over 100lbs!) , she takes wonderful care of them, playing with them, bonding with them and really spending quality time to get to know them, understand their quirks and their needs. I genuinely feel my dogs are in great hands when I leave them with Kendra and she even sends me text pictures of them so that I don’t worry about them. Kendra doesn’t just provide a wonderful, caring environment for my dogs while I am away, she provides me peace of mind about their health and wellbeing- and what more could a mother ask for? 

–Robin and Steven Cole, happy, satisfied customer for Julie Austin since 2006!



My cat Stealthy, a 10% feral Chausie breed, hides from everyone except the two of us he lives with. Literally, everyone. So when Kendra came to pet-sit him on a recent trip and told me she’d glimpsed him, I was pleasantly shocked. A few days later she told me he was babbling to her, which is his normal routine when we’re around. We finally found someone to take care of him when we need that he feels comfortable around which is such a relief (and a blessing!). Kendra also noticed right away that he’d been having issues with tearing his fur off on his behind and made some helpful recommendations. We tried new hypo-allergenic food but that didn’t seem to do the trick. She then suggested cat composure treats. Those combined with a Feliway pheromone diffuser and problem solved! We’re so happy to have crossed paths with Kendra! Thank you so much Julie and Kendra!