Complimentary Services

In-Home Consultation

It is important to meet every new client prior to any services. This gives everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other. We will discuss exactly what will be required to make the experience a positive one for animals and humans alike. The more we know about your pet(s), the better. Every animal is unique and deserves to be treated with special care. This is also an excellent time for new clients to ask us questions. If you require any special services that are not listed, this is an excellent time to go over them. This meeting is required for all new customers.

Key Program

August Animal Care will keep a copy of your house keys in a secure location. Your keys will never be identified with your name, address or pet’s name.

Services Provided with Each Visit

  • Watering plants
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Opening/closing blinds and curtains
  • Newspaper and mail pick-up
  • Daily updates on your animals

In-Home Visits

All visits are suited to your pet’s needs. Does your dog enjoy a walk around the neighborhood? Or perhaps he would rather play fetch in your backyard. Does your cat want some TLC? Or does he or she prefer to be left alone? Is your horse happy with a carrot and a bit of brushing?

Each pet is unique and will be treated with lots of loving care.

All pets will receive their appropriate food and only approved treats. Water will be replenished. If your pet needs any medication it will be administered correctly. If you have cats in your home their litter box will be cleaned.

Multiple visits are available to suit your pet’s needs! Every household is unique! Please contact me for an individualized quote. Out-of-area visits are available, although a traveling fee will apply.